Dear Friends,

Behold! We are doing a new thing. As some of you have already discovered, our new website is LIVE! The address is the same as it used to be ( but now that address takes you to the wonderful world of our church’s new virtual front door. I encourage you to take look, play around, give us feedback, and return often. Our design is meant to be beautiful and interesting, highly useful to our members, and warmly welcoming to our visitors.

One of the first things you will notice is that, while much of the site is where we want it to be, a number of pieces are still in process. We’ve gotten quite an education in these past months about how complicated a new website can be. We are now somewhere around 95 percent of where we will end up, and we are actively working to put those last pieces in place. While we do, your feedback, and your patience, will be both be greatly appreciated.

One of those final pieces is this weekly message. Back in June, you may recall, I began sending out regular email messages under the heading, “News and Notes from the Pastor’s Desk.” The idea was to keep in touch more regularly than our monthly Church Window allows. A lot can happen in a month, and not everything that needs to be said fits easily into our Sunday morning worship.

Now that our new site has gone live, I am retiring my News and Notes blog in favor of a new offering that I’m calling, “In the Spirit.” I’ve always liked that title. In the Spirit is where we want to be; each of us individually, and all of us together. Spirit is enthusiasm. It is energy. It is grace. It is our living, in all the small and large encounters of our lives, out of that same divinity that animated Jesus. This is the spiritual heart and soul of our Christianity. So, “In the Spirit” is more than just a catchy title. It is the practice of our faith as it touches all we are and all we do.

For the moment, if you were on the mailing list for “News & Notes,” you are now on the list for “In the Spirit.” In addition, all of the “In the Spirit” posts will now appear on my “From the Pastor’s Desk” page on our website (under the News & Events heading), where you will also find links to my newsletter articles and (very soon) sermons.

Oh, and one more thing. Our new website is designed to be easy and intuitive, but if you can’t find the “Home” button, just remember that “First Congregational Church” is our home. Clicking on our name is how you get there.

Yours in Grace,
Rev. Kevin

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