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April 17, 2022 @ 10:00 am
Rev. Carolyn Keilig


April 12, 2022 Update from the Church Council on Worship Services and Fellowship regarding Covid 19 mitigation protocols at First Congregational Church-

It has been over two years since the pandemic first impacted our state and our beloved First Congregational Church, and Covid 19 continues to affect our lives in its various mutations. While staff and church leadership will continue paying attention to the current infection rates and Covid-related hospitalizations, we (cautiously) are pleased to lift the last remaining Covid 19 mitigation protocols in our building. This means that masking in worship is now optional and the “X” marks that have indicated safe social distancing have been removed.

During Council’s thoughtful discussion on Tuesday, April 12, we recognized that not everyone will be comfortable with social distancing protocols lifted. Some of our members and friends who would like to be part of in-person worship but have health issues that put them or a loved one at a higher risk if they are infected by Covid, may wish to find a pew apart from others.  Be aware that if you see someone masked and off by themselves, it may be due to health safety reasons; please check with them before sitting in close proximity. Conversely, if you need to protect your own health, feel free to move to another pew to maintain necessary social distancing. For all of us, our livestreaming worship option is always available on Sunday morning.

The return of Fellowship Time after worship was also discussed, and right now it is not Covid that is keeping it from starting up after Easter. Like any program we offer, prep time is needed. Many thanks to the dedicated choir members who spent hours cleaning the kitchen to prepare for the Palm Sunday breakfast. But, other areas of the kitchen need to be double checked, sign ups and the coordination of who will be providing coffee, drinks and snacks will need to be organized, and a small list of other volunteer efforts is on the short horizon. This effort has now started so stay tuned for news of when we will return to our after-worship fellowship time.

-Rev. Carolyn Keilig & The FCC ReOpening Task Force, April 12, 2022