March 21, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Rev. Kevin Pleas

During this pandemic, on Sundays we invite EVERYONE to join us online [Click Here] for our Worship Service by Rev. Kevin Pleas, Barbara Papagian, or a visiting preacher. You do not need a Facebook account to view the Worship service, unless you are interested in leaving a comment.

To link directly, [click here] to be connected to the First Congregational Church website at www.FCCManchesterNH.org

Weekly Bulletins (with lyrics to the Hymns at the end) and the Weekly Watch prayers can be accessed on the Bulletins [click here] page.

Childrens pages for the week can also be seen, downloaded, and printed directly below the link of the front page of the website.

Prayer Concerns can be emailed to Barbara Papagian at BPapagian@FCCManchesterNH.org by 8:30am onFriday or anytime during the week.