September 7, 2017 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
Rec Room
$5 Thursdays; $10 Monday nights
Barbara Papagian

Aging Well with Qigong

No doubt about it, aging is a challenge. Our bodies don’t always work as they used to; there are more aches and pains; recovery from even small injuries takes a long time.  But we still want to be able to move around, have good energy, feel alive, and enjoy our activities.  Qigong, an ancient Chinese Medicine practice that integrates breathing exercises, stretching, flowing movements and meditation, can help achieve those goals. In fact, many people describe it as “a moving meditation”.  Qigong is related to both Tai Chi and yoga, but is easier to learn, is often more adaptable to individual needs, and can be comfortably practiced in short or long sessions.  Qigong is all about healing from the inside out, releasing stress (or worry or anxiety), and cultivating positive energy throughout our bodies and minds.

Joyce Palmer, a former FCC member, is now a certified Qigong teacher.  She offers a class here at First Congregational Church on Thursdays at 12:30.  This daytime series (30 minutes) will be ongoing, but will take a break after June 7th and start again in September.  Classes are 30 minutes long, and will be organized to allow for either seated or standing practice.  All fitness levels can be accommodated. No props or mats are needed.  Just wear comfortable clothes and footwear; some people will practice barefoot, others in socks, and others in sneakers – whatever works best for you.   Classes are not sequential in nature, so feel free to come when you can.  First class is always free; after that the cost is $5 per session.

Qigong is a practice that is easily learned, but there is so much depth that you can continue for a lifetime and still find it amazing.  Qigong is quite well-known on the West Coast but it is just emerging here in the East.  Join us and be part of a health enhancing activity designed to bring joy and improved wellbeing to all participants.