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Annual Stewardship Message

Without a doubt, this past year has been one of the most challenging we have ever faced. We have been called to press the pause button on many of our familiar and beloved ways of being the church until it was safe to return. We have been challenged to be creative in keeping our faith and our community vital and well connected. We have been invited to reexamine our traditional understandings of what it means to be a Christian Community, exploring new ideas and new technologies. Through it all, we have kept faith in our hearts, we have watched for signs of hope on the horizon, and we have spent our patience well. Because of our faithfulness, as we move in the direction of a full reopening, we continue to be a strong, loving, and active church.

The year ahead also promises to be challenging. We celebrate Associate Pastor Rev. Barbara Papagian’s taking hold of the reins as we welcome back our Interim Senior Pastor, Rev. Carolyn Keilig.  We will need to sort out a healthy balance between in-person and online worship. We will need to reignite the Church Leadership for the 21st Century process that we had begun, for the sake of attracting new members.

Your continued financial support of our church is one of the most important keys to that success. We are very grateful for any and all contributions, but we ask that you consider increasing your pledge.  For example, a ten percent increase for a weekly pledge of $20 amounts to an increase of $2 a week.

The challenges of the past and those of the future flow into one another. They are the field in which the faithful Christian community plays itself out. They are the work that has been given into our hands as members and friends of the First Congregational Church of Manchester. We have done that work well, and there is every reason to believe we will continue to do so.

As we begin this year’s stewardship season, we ask that you consider, deeply and prayerfully, the importance of our church and what it will take to move forward together. May we all know the deep blessings of our God, who knows of our faith, hope and patience, and strengthens all our efforts with grace and peace.

Yours in Christ,

The Stewardship Committee:  Rev. Carolyn Keilig, Dan & Cheryl McKenney (co-chairs), Sue Clement, Tom Irving, Bill Jones, Kathy Payne, Vicki Tinsley, Liz Verity, Linda Bonetti, Anita Wolcott (note taker)

History of Stewardship themes:

“Faith, Hope and Patience”…Throughout the Covid pandemic, begun in March 2020, we have kept faith in our hearts, we have watched for signs of hope on the horizon, and we have spent our patience well.  We continue to cope with the reality that this pandemic is not going to pass easily, or quickly, and more of our valued members and friends are being affected every day.  Know that your FCC church family continues to have faith that we will reunite “just like the old days” with handshakes and hugs.  In the meantime, thank you for your continued support!  Throughout all the challenges of 2020 and 2021…now going into 2022…we haven’t missed a beat helping each other and the community by becoming innovative in approach to “support” in spirit and financially.

“Weaving the Fabric of Life” at First Congregational Church has been an ongoing project…weaving our beliefs with our missions of outreach to each other and the community.  We continue to volunteer weekly with Special Olympics Young Athletes Program, at UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center making meals, and New Horizons.  Our expanded food support for children through Blessing in a Backpack and our Food Closet is growing exponentially, as is the demand for coat, boots, mittens and hats.  Dress A Girl Around the World has benefitted from over 50 dresses made by our Quilting Ministry for girls at risk, and continues to sew monthly and enjoy the comraderie and fellowship.  Hats, prayer shawls, and bavaclavas have been knit for Seafarers’ Mission, Helping Hands, Greater Manchester Mental Health Center, among many.  Snack, soups and cookies are lovingly made by congregants to bring a little lift to our members’ spirits in time of stress.  Your continued financial support of First Church ensures that we can still provide for these supportive services to our community in 2020.

“God’s Work, Our Hands” is more appropo than ever in 2019!  Our numbers of involved volunteers are increasing to service our expanding Outreach efforts…this year adding the Special Olympics Young Athletes Program on Thursday nights; the 21st Century Church visionary program; UpReach monthly meals; expanded food programs; and more coats, boots, hats and mittens for the elementary schools.  Pledge letters were sent to all members and active friends at the end of September and are due back by November 2nd, as we project our budgetary needs for 2019.

The 2018 Campaign… “God’s Love is Generous, Love Back Generously”…kicked off in the fall of 2017.  The generosity of our members and friends ensured a year full of expanded Outreach projects, and the completion of some building maintenance with a new floor and bathroom in the youth area of the rec room.

Our 2017 message, our ministries and our membership had all grown in faith. So it seemed appropriate, in seeking your generous contributions of support, that “Growing in Faith Together” should be our theme for 2017’s stewardship campaign.  As our Growing in Faith Together campaign moved forward, we thank you all for taking to heart the vital importance of our beloved First Church.


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Due to the rapidly rising numbers of Covid cases in New Hampshire and the contagiousness of this latest variant, First Church is temporarily moving to pre-recorded Sunday worship at 10am on Facebook with the expectation of returning to in-person, livestreaming worship on February 27th and continuing throughout Lent.

-Rev. Carolyn Keilig & The FCC Church Council 

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